Please read our faq and if you have questions please ask and and we will help.

Q: How do i create a create eeewallet account?

Visit registration page. complete the required form and click on Sign up.

Q: Can i use tor, proxies or vpns?

No .To prevent fraud all users must use their original ip while using eeewallet system. Accounts that are accessed from different ips can be blocked and balance frozen due to abuse.

Q:Why do you ask verification?

We request our customers to go through verification process to protect our customer funds from unauthorized usage, prevent money laundering and cyber terrorism. At same time we respect your privacy and can assure you that all the information that is provided is kept securely on our servers which are not connected to public web.

Q: Can i pay with paypal e-check?

No . If you pay with e-check since there is no way for us to stop you we cherge 10eur/usd for each payment and money will be on hold until funds are cleared 10 days.

Q: What happend if i try to withdraw more then my limits?

Withdrawal amount is refunded to your account minus withdrawal fee.

Q: Can i use different emails in my account?

No . All accounts must use same ip, name, address and email . Account with email miss match can be blocked and balance frozen due to abuse.

Q: How many profiles can i have?

We only allow one profile per user. User with more then one profile can have accounts blocked and balance frozen due to abuse.

Q: What are your fees?

Please login to your account to see fees. We can change fees based on a number of factors.

Q: What are the deposit limits?

Depends on method used and account age. If you need higher limits you will have to ask us and we will evaluate your situation. Paypal deposits are limited due to fraudulent abuse. Minimum deposit is 15eur and max deposit is 50eur for new accounts.

Q: What are the deposit limits if i am a merchant business?

We will evaluate your situation when you apply for business status.

Q: How do i verify account ?

Visit your profile settings and choose verification.

Q: What are the withdraw limits ?

All new accounts have a withdraw limit of 250 Eur . You will have to submit some documents for Identity Verification, can be a facebook account or other social media account. After evaluation of social media account or required documents, your account will be verified within 24 hours. Afterwards, you will enjoy full services of eeewallet.

Q:What is the minimum withdraw amount?

Minimum withdraw ammount its 10 euros

Q:What is the minimum balance in account?

Minimum balance in account its 10 euros. It means you need at least 20 euros + fees in your account to be able to withdraw 10 euros . We do this so we do not have to charge a fee to open an account.

Q: I am a private person can i create a store?

Yes you can and you dont need to pass extended verification. JUst open a ticket and contact us.

Q: How do i integrate eeewallet with m business website?

You have to upgrade your verified account to Business Status. To upgrade, business related documents would be required. After upgradation to Business Status, you can integrate your website with eeewallet’s Payment Services through its API.

How do i deposit money? How long it will take to transfer the money to eeewallet account?

After login, you will see Deposit button in top cover of Dashboard. By clicking the button, you will have a variety of payment methods. Except Bank Deposit and visa cards all other deposits are instant and money is available in your wallet account.

Q: When deposits made through visa Cards and Bank Deposit will be available in my wallet?

By opting any option out of these 2, you will put the desired amount and send a request. Subsequently, you will get details via your registered email account within 12 hours and After necessary verification, your payment will be credited in your account within next 12 hours.

Q: How do i withdraw from wallet?

First of all, login into your account and click on Withdraw option in Dashboard. Select the desired option, put the amount and correct ID of Payment method. Within 12-24 hours, payment will be sent to your account.

Q: What are the charges of depositing and withdrawing money?

Every method has different service charges. To see rates just go your dashboard and click on top in withdraw to see rates or deposit to see respective rates.

Q: How can i transfer money to a eeewallet user ?

First you need to know the eeewallet account of receiver. After go to your dashboard, on left choose transference menu button then insert the Account ID of the user, amount and click send .

Q: Is there any money transfer charges?

Yes we have a small 1.5% internal transfer fee.

Q: How to use Currency Exchange option?

You can exchange your base currency i.e. USD in BTC, ETH, EUR, GBP, NYC, etc. We are also working on addition of new currencies.

Q: Is there any currency exchange charges?

yes. There is a small exchange fee.

Q: How to check the balance other than base currency EUR?

In Dashboard, hover mouse pointer to Info icon.

Q: Can I forward Digital Invoice through eeewallet to my client so that he/she could send me payment according to invoice?

Yes. There is an option in your account “Request Payment”. By using it, you can send Payment Invoice to anyone on his / her email address. There is not fee applicable for invoicing.

Q: What is meant by Voucher in Dashboard?

E-voucher feature is introduced for non-eeewallet users. You can prepare E-voucher of any amount and send it to non-eeewallet user through email. He / she can create eeewallet account in 30 seconds and deposit the E-voucher in his / her account. E-voucher can be issued in 6 different currencies.

Q: Is there any fee for creation of E-voucher?

yes, 0.15p for each Voucher.

Q: Is there any fee chargeable for escrow option?

Yes, 4% of total amount would be charged.

Q: How to get the details of all my transactions?

In Dashboard, click on Operation History.

Q: Is there any way of recovering the amount in case of inaccuracy in transaction(s) or any dispute with other user?

eeewallet provides complete dispute management system. You can create Dispute in case of anything happened undesirably. In case you win the dispute, amount would be refunded to your account from 2nd party’s account. Remember, that refund would only be done if the other user retains amount in his account. If he / she withdraws the amount, account would be suspended till the recovery of amount. eeewallet would not pay aggrieved party from its own account.

Q: How to get Support of eeewallet team?

Click on Support button available in Dashboard and write down your problem / issue. You would be replied accordingly in 24 hours through Open Ticket. No emails would be entertained.

Q: If I am not eeewallet user, then how I can get Support?

Go to eeewallet contact page and fill form. Our team will respond you in 24 – 48 hours through email.